360-degree View Is Not Enough, Here Is Why!

Clicks, likes, search terms, online purchases, email reactions, registrations are great tools to connect with your customer, understand what they like, what they don’t like and why they prefer doing business with you. The data that may come from different sources, platforms and applications is very valuable and can create deep insights if aggregated and analyzed correctly in a single end-to-end platform.

In order to make better sense of this complex customer journey, many business are building 360-degree views of their customers and reaping the benefits that this holistic representation provides.

There are no doubts that applications like these have been a significant step up from previous methods of combining user data across departments. Although with an ever-growing market and more than 90% of the data created in the last two years, companies could gain so much more from this data mine.

In an era where consumers have multi-channel interactions and are in constant human communication, there is a huge untapped market for gaining information from external sources that impact the way in which consumers interact with the products. Providing a service that would see humans not just as single units but as entities with complex connections to their environment would give a more accurate holistic view of how they would react to the product.

Why do we do it?

Humans are complex individuals, who have the inherent need to be social. We are part of social circles and these circles have an influence over our decision making. By looking at consumers in relation to their influential signals, we can create a realistic 3-dimensional view of predicted consumer behavior.

How do we do it?

With users having several digital touch points through multiple websites they use, they are creating a valuable database for the marketers to dig in their data. Once data is ingested, a unique identifier is created for every user with their networks and influential graph. Throughout the process, the sensitive data can be governed which maintains the balance between engagement and privacy.

What is it?

Identity++ is a centralized customer signal platform that creates advanced customer 3D profiles to help enterprises create better customer experiences and consistent treatment strategies. 3D View goes beyond a typical Customer 360 solution and leverages the latest technologies advanced analytical techniques to understand customers beyond their own identity and predict influential based behavior changes. It creates a three-dimensional view of a customer’s ever-evolving Preferences, Knowledge and Experiences. This produces resourceful and meaningful content which creates a nurturing long lasting relationship with the consumer.

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