Can we trust Cloud service providers to keep our data safe?

It’s no surprise that data security tops the list of concerns that hold companies back from cloud adoption. It’s certainly possible to keep your company’s data on cloud servers secure. However cyber threats are evolving as fast as cloud innovations.
Let’s review some of the security concerns and dispel myths.

1. Data Breaches

A data breach can expose sensitive customer information, intellectual property, and trade secrets, any of which can lead to serious consequences.
Reputable cloud services usually have several security protocols in place to protect confidential information. However, it’s mostly up to your organization to implement a plan for protecting your data in the cloud. The most efficient method is to use encryption and multi-factor authentication.

2. Data Privacy

Alright, your data is secure, but is it private? Does the cloud service provider have rights to access my data? How about other users?
Cloud service providers encode each user’s data with a specific encryption key. Without the key, the data will not make any sense. ¬¬¬
Who has the key? It can be stored either by the service itself, or by individual users. Most services keep the key themselves, letting their systems see and process user data, such as indexing data for future searches. These services also access the key when a user logs in with a password, unlocking the data so the person can use it.
It’s like when you book a hotel room you get the key. The hotel will always keep the copy of your key, but will they enter your room? Absolutely no. They care about your privacy and relationship.

3. Data Loss and the actual location of a data servers

Sometimes data lost from cloud servers is not due to cyber-attack. Non-malicious causes of data loss include natural disasters like floods and earthquakes and simple human error, such as when a cloud administrator accidentally deletes files. Here comes a backup.
Actually, most reputable cloud storage providers will replicate your data several times on different servers to ensure that in the event of a catastrophe, your files are safe.
Depending of which provider you use, the data center could be based in a different country, or possibly even a different continent. Some of the larger cloud providers have several data centers which could be spaced apart from one another across several different locations.

Have more security concerns?
Let us know and will share our thoughts in the next post!

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