Overspending on the cloud? Optimize your strategy now!

Managing cloud spend can get complicated and challenging for many IT Departments.
Because control of cloud accounts is decentralized, companies are challenged to pinpoint where waste is occurring and how to eliminate it on an ongoing basis.

According to the recent survey, cloud users are aware that they are wasting money in the cloud and the actual waste can go up to 35%. Also, according to Gartner, by 2020, organizations that lack cost optimization processes will average 40% overspend in public cloud.
What causes cloud overspending? ?

• Not controlling or limiting the expansion of cloud instances, instances run 24/7
• Many employees within organization purchase and subscribe to cloud services on behalf of their departments or work roles which may result in duplication of tasks and efforts or resources that are not being used at all.
• Lack of visibility into what cloud resources are being used, who is using it, and what the budget and spend is.
Many businesses that struggle with such issues wonder “If there a solution?”

Center++ meets all these needs letting the enterprise track the cloud resource usage and cost by each business unit and even use case.
The user has ability to set up a budget and monitor spending day by day, as well as, set up cost limits and get notified if the costs reaching its cap.
Center++ automated capabilities include scheduling options to run use cases only when needed to avoid instances run 24/7. And once it becomes possible to track cloud spending, forecasting comes much easier and more precise.

Ready to take the first step in optimizing your cloud costs?
Watch this video to learn more about Center++

Or contact us at support@centerplusplus.com where BDIPlus experts can help you guide the discussion forward.

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