OneDATA.Plus is an enterprise platform solution bringing data, customer, analytics, technology, and governance into a
single place.

OneDATA.Plus enables you to continuously analyze your business, understand your changing customers, and transform to the new normal with data, governance, and technology at the foundation.  


An open, function-centric architecture.

OneDATA.Plus identifies and reuses common features and functions present across business use cases in the following areas:

enterprise marketplace platform

Connecting your organization on a foundational level.

Enterprise Data Management

Centralized management of enterprise data across cloud and on-premise platforms using diversified data technologies.

Customer 360 View

Unified view of customers with personal, demographic, and enterprise engagement information.

Customer 3D Graph

Three-dimensional analytical view to understand your customers to personalize products and experiences.

Workflow Management

Create and manage workflows across diversified technologies, platforms, and applications to drive optimization.

Augmented Analytics

Generate AI-driven data, customer, and business insights and make them available across the enterprise.

API Gateway Service

provides no-code/low-code features to publish information and business decisions across enterprise platforms, both internal and external.

Data Governance

Integrate enterprise data governance for process, storage, access, quality, and usage.

Just a few of the ways OneDATA.Plus delivers value.

ready to get started?

OneDATA.Plus is the foundational toolbox you need to take your business to the next level.

With a minimum monthly spend of $500, OneDATA.Plus is an accessible solution for businesses of all sizes. Sign up today and get a free $500 credit to go towards your first month.

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