Managing applications in the cloud is no longer a question of whether it’s worth it or not. It’s absolutely necessary to move with the fast pace of new technologies.

Organizations often have hundreds of applications that users depend on, to get their work done. Users access these applications from many devices and locations. New applications are added, developed, and retired every day. With so many applications and access points, it is more critical than ever to use a cloud-based solution to manage user’s access to data across various platforms. Once these applications are implemented, organizational leaders often face a problem of configuring governance in accordance with the organizational policies and compliance requirements.
When an organization begins to use several different cloud applications it becomes difficult to ensure that the correct people have the proper access to data and services. Users may have access to systems and applications that they should not, leaving the company’s data vulnerable.

Also, there will be certain data that can be moved to the cloud and certain data that cannot, because of the security issues. This means that the admin still must manually manage the data flow governance, which can be very time consuming.

These are just some of the reasons why the organization needs a solution that will work in house as well as with cloud applications seamlessly.

With BDIPLus’ solution Center++, you can easily integrate to enterprise governance flow in data transfer, connect with multiple internal and external platforms in one application, save costs and remove the hassle of managing your on-premises infrastructure. Center++ also provides centralized use case management to ensure consistency, quality, transparency, consolidates data across use cases and include scheduling capabilities based on business priorities and needs.

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