One Data plus is an enterprise data and information management platform that enables businesses to adapt to evolving market dynamics and achieve scaled growth while engaging customers.

Why Enterprise Data Platform?

OneDATA.Plus Core Features

Data Management

Enhance speed and consistency of your business outcomes.

This feature enables you to collect and process large volumes and variety of data from a wide range of sources in a centralized location. This system provides flexibility and automation of processes, standardization of metadata management, data transformation and data out services.

Know Your Data

Fully understand your data to maximize its value

Understand your data to understand your decisions. For each table and information that your business needs, our platform calculates the efficiency of performances, the value of data usages and the quality of information.  

Know Your Customer

Fast creation of Customer one view with connected Identity and Influential signals

Add value to your CRM by increasing your customer understanding through knowledge and influence signals, supported by exceptional visualization.

This feature creates customer 360 view to aid in prediction customer behavior patterns in real-time.


Enable the user, enable the system

Our platform architecture enables all business users, engineers and analysts to run models, define workflows, route their data and information, perform advanced analytics, supporting an omni-tech environment. 

Business Values

Enhance speed and consistency of your business outcomes.

With enhanced efficiency of operations, add towards better business value returns along with deeper understanding of your data driven decisions. 

OneDATA.Plus Tech Utilities

Platform Connectors

Data Technology Based on connectors to tie a wide range internal and external data platforms to integrate and exchange data for enterprises.

Data Transfers (Ingestion and Outservice)

Real Time, Batch, On-Demand.

Data Standartization

Harmonization of data for systematic consistency through ML-enabled modules and data steward approval.

Data Transformation/ Aggregation

Workflow Managers enable enterprise users to define and create data aggregation for analytical and business purpose

Data Organization

Organized in Data Lakes / warehouse / marts utilizing any technology (RDBMS, BIGDATA, CLOUD)

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