Products & Services

Product Overview

BDIPlus offers integrated enterprise platform capabilities for businesses to quickly adapt to the ever-evolving technology environment with customer-centric products and services. Our capabilities include:

  • Enterprise Marketplace Platform Solutions – Data, customer, analytics, and technology management.
  • Marketplace Capabilities – Business use cases, application development and maintenance.
  • Digitalization Capabilities – CRM solutions with digitally interactive solutions and personalization.


OneDATA.Plus centrally manages the foundational modules of data, customer, analytics, and technology. Democratizing the use cases of these modules can be readily utilized across the enterprise. In doing so, OneDATA.Plus avoids replication and achieves cost reduction. OneDATA.Plus technology is the key needed to enable data, customer, analytics, and technology insights in the marketplace.

  • Enterprise Data Management: A single paradigm for the management of all enterprise data – On premise and/or any cloud environments and multiple data lakes and warehouses using both modern and traditional technology.
  • Customer Intelligence Management: Understand your customers better with our advanced customer 360 and 3D modules using advanced behavior and visual relationship mapping.
  • Marketplace Solutions: Promotes wide usage of data assets, analytics, and capabilities while driving an open-source culture within the enterprise.
  • Augmented Analytics: Through a business contextualized approach on the enterprise data catalog, Augmented Analytics serves as automated AI-based business and operational intelligence.
  • Marketplace Capabilities: Provides advanced technological capabilities to democratize enterprise assets and drive speed and synergy across business users and use cases. Driving synergy and speed enables the sharing of enterprise assets in Data, insights & technology across the enterprise.

OneDATA.Plus includes advanced capabilities with futuristic features to manage all enterprise processes from a single portal. Integrate seamlessly across evolving enterprise governance needs. Increase the quality of your business decisions, manage your cloud costs, and enable transparency by utilizing real-time dashboards.


BDIPlus’ process digitalization platform, OneDIGITAL.Plus, digitalizes documents and automates process management and communications to reduce the time and effort required to carry out a process. Using our self-servicing platform, we will be able to help you design a personalized platform to suit your specific needs, build that platform on-site or in the cloud, and manage that platform on an ongoing basis.

  • Personalized Digital Journey: Personalized and branded digital application for direct consumer access and agent applications.
  • Integration with Carrier/UW Platforms: Fast integrations with carrier platforms for decisions and policy administration.
  • Customer Relationship and Sales Management: Advanced analytics-driven customer insights and a self-servicing application management portal.
  • Campaign Management: Machine learning enabled campaign management with side channel integrations.
  • Business Insights and Reporting: Self-servicing portal with real time customer and sales performance reporting.


Strategic Management Consulting

Our technology consulting services provide solutions tailored to your organization’s unique needs and industry. By sourcing the best talent in the industry, BDIPlus consultants can help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small.

Key Benefits

Continuous Transformation

Drive Value & Growth

Faster Adaptation

The BDIPlus Difference

BDIPlus’ solutions follow business and technological function-centric approach to optimize development efforts and resource utilization, automate machine learning and artificial intelligence deployment, and accelerate innovation.

  • Data – Connected Data Management: Managing enterprise data ecosystems in one place. With our products, you will be able to use any data, anywhere, in any format.
  • Platform – Linked Platform Administration: Encompasses integrated platform process administration. Whether utilizing big data or traditional technology, with data hosted on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid of both, the sky is the limit with OneDATA.Plus.
  • Architecture – Open Architecture: Function-centric open architecture that integrates with already existing enterprise platforms and evolves with growing technological environments.
  • Governance – Inbuilt Governance: Assign rules to acting agents within the company depending on their clearance level. Includes integrated governance to reduce operational and legal risk.
  • Cloud – Cloud Integration: Automated cloud integration and resource utilization with server-less architecture.

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