Enterprise Data Management Platform to drive synergy, consistency and speed to market through data centralization.
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A centralized customer signal platform to understand your customer beyond just identity
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Enterprise Use Case Management system on premise and cloud
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EDM++ provides right framework for the enterprises to drive cultural changes effectively and accelerate Big Data transformations.


  • Creation of enterprise data lake to serve as single source of truth for the organization
  •  Connected to all the internal & external data platforms and automated Meta Data Capture.
  •  Data Ingestion in Real time, Micro Batch and Batch with Raw data quality checks
  •   Organize data using big data structures for easy to understand & access formats
  •   Easy to integrate enterprise governance on data management, retention and access controls
  • Business Data Quality to monitor data consistency and accuracy
  •  User defined Data Transformations 
  •  Central Command Center for Processes management
  •  Data Service via Real time service & Batch mode
  •  Centralized Knowledge Center for ease of metadata search across the organized data lake










Identity++ is a centralized customer signal platform that provides advanced customer 360 profile along with advanced analytical insights using influential graph and signals. 


  • In-built matching engine to uniquely identify a customer / identity across enterprise and data sources
  • Advanced analytics to create relationship networks among identities and derive network properties
  • Advance algorithms to create influential graphs and signals e.g. how association with other customers influences customer behavior on targeting, response, high value / engagement, attrition risks, risk to default, fraud, etc. 
  • In-built data management component to gather data from source platforms and process optimizations
  • User friendly web Interfaces to define attribute level eligibility criteria for linkage, network properties, define events for signals, and processes work flow
  • Information Assets – Creates data assets for enterprise usage: Identity Master database, Network Database with Influential signals & Customer 360 view.
  • Access layer with API Service, Visual Search Engine & Analytical environment  
  • Governance workflows
  • Dashboard at overall portfolio and network level


Center++ accelerates innovations by enabling our clients to democratize the developments using advanced technologies and centralize use case management system. Center++ is designed to increase the efficiency by 50% in cost, time and resources. Using the easy to understand user friendly web interfaces, developers can
  • Submit any standard language source code
  • Map input data requirements from data source
  • Define execution frequency
  • Define use case dependencies
  • And define which destination platforms needs to receive the output


Center++ takes care of the rest by automating all the processes using advanced analytical insights and technologies.



  • Analyze the use cases and generate optimized data management requests to ingest data from source platforms, check quality and prepare data in right format for use case executions
  • Forecast cloud resources requirements and cost estimation
  • Dynamic cloud resource allocation with required enterprise governance configurations
  • Process manager to automate all the processes, manage dependencies, and monitor resource utilization 
  • Cloud cost and resource utilization and cost attribution among use cases and users 
  • Governance – Easy to integrate enterprise governance flow in data transfer, permissible usage and data service to destination users or platforms
  • Data Service - Real time & Batch