Achieve unparalleled customer centricity with AI-powered CDP

Access, understand, and utilize customer insights rapidly and efficiently through conversational AI

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Seamlessly access via chat

Refine your understanding of your customers and business using simple English with our intuitive AI-based chat

Extract valuable insights

Based on over 1000+ industry level concepts, our AI automatically contextualizes your data so that it can be quickly processed and utilized

Collect and unify

ChatCDP collects data from any source and builds a complete view of your customer all without storing any data, giving you control over your information

Key Features

Built by industry experts, chatCDP empowers organizations to better understand their customers


 Speed to market, quick to deploy, and blends

         with your existing tech

  Low engineering skills and resources needed to


  Scalabe to the needs and size of your business

 Empowers your business and data for seamless

         AI adoption

  Constantly evolving to include most innovative

         technology in the industry

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