Enterprise connected information platform

One Solution for all enterprise foundational needs 

  • Manage Data

  • Understand Customers

  • Empover continious technology transformation

  • Enable advanced analytics

Tech Utilities and Functional Catalysts


Event Orchestrator

Event Orchestrator is a work flow agent, that can run , monitor any process either on premise or in cloud with intelligence on budgets, cloud ready and inbuilt governance. 

In-built Governance

Multi-level automated governance modules to support efficient data stewardship and data democratization.

Self-service Data Fabric

A no Code API interface where any one can define  and serve the Data from our platform. Our Intelligent systems can utilize low latency vs high latency technologies to avail the data. Includes real time updates to insure you have up-to-date information. This Fabric comes with our default Governance and Security Policies that can be user-defined.

Business Contextualization

Contextualize each your data transformations and data journey milestones with your specific business lifecycles. Understand your data to the most  minute level and make the most out of your data decisions.

Augumented Analytics

Enabled by meticulous and extensive meta collection from each fragment of processes, our augmented analytics provide a comprehensive view of your system and performances.

Are you spending a fortune on solutions for each of your business platform needs, and then more time and money to get those siloed solutions to talk to each other?  

Does the versatility of your hybrid technology integration come with an extended time and resource cost?  Do you want a more efficient and hassle-free architecture for interconnectivity and data cycling within your enterprise?  

Would you prefer to handle your noisy data to be pre-processed during ingestions? Do you want to automate cloud cluster setups for model training? Do you wish for an automated reporting tool for your workflows? 

“Customer Intelligence is an area within Customer Relationship Management that relies on the collection of customer information to gain smart and useful insights into their behavior. It is intelligent only if it influences some action.”