A Prudent Direction for “Future of Work”

Technology growth is ever accelerating. Along with the developments in emerging technologies such as AI, 5G, Computer Vision, and VR, environmental changes are also fueling new approaches and solutions.

The impact of the COVID-19 is revolutionizing the way customers interact with service providers and how businesses manage their operations. There is an increasing need for the adoption of collaborative and scalable enterprise information management solutions. However, it is also an opportunity for enterprises to test the concepts of “Future of Work”.

In this time of crisis, with a lack of proven Centralized Platform solution, companies experience challenges like:

  • Trying to build centralized solutions in house
  • Getting many function-specific solutions and piecing them together
  • Buying or building one solution and following the “One size fits all” approach
  • Difficulty in reusing enterprise assets, and knowledge sharing.

With the function-specific approaches, the Cons outweigh the Pros, resulting in ineffective deployments and missed opportunities. This leads to a compromise of IM service that is the prime integrative discipline to improve efficiency, promote transparency and enable business insight.

Enterprises can adopt temporary solutions till the dust settles but we present a more prudent direction.

Our signature solution, OneDATA.Plus, it is designed to address these key challenges; ensuring “products-purposes” compatibility, reusability, scalability, and continuity to future-proof your enterprise platform for any approaching changes in technology trends.

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In a single platform OneDATA.Plus takes care of:

  • Enterprise Data management. A single paradigm for the management of all enterprise data — On-Premise and/or any cloud environments, multiple data lakes/warehouses using modern and traditional technology
  • Customer Intelligence Management. Understanding your customer with advanced customer 360 — Customer Behavior Maps through advanced visual relationships
  • Marketplace solutions. To promote wide usage of data assets, analytics, and capabilities while driving an open-source culture within the enterprise
  • Augmented analytics. Through a business contextualized approach on enterprise data catalog, it serves as automated AI-based business and operational intelligence

Additionally, OneDATA.Plus includes advanced capabilities with futuristic features to manage all enterprise processes from a single portal.

Integrate seamlessly across evolving enterprise governance needs. Increase the quality of your business decisions, manage your cloud costs. Enable transparency by utilizing real-time dashboards.

Let’s sail through this crisis.

All in one Platform. Only with OneDATA.Plus.